XOXO - sex toy for couples

We wanted to break taboos regarding a subject as natural to all humans as sex and masturbation, one of the most interesting projects I've had the chance to work with, as the process was more complicated to start with. How to get people to talk to you about their most intimate moments.
How to take topics which instantly make people smirk and create a serious conversation around it. How to embrace uncertainty when there's not much time for discussing - break things and make fast decisions.

"Connect couples through touch not through screens"

The vibrator can be used hands-free thanks to the flexible "wings" which keep it in place just above the clitoris
The ring can turn the vibrator into hands-free device making it one of only unisex product on the market
Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) technology measures your arousal through skin contact and is used as the control mechanism for the vibrator - Arousal turns into intensity
Use it on yourself while your partner has the vibrator, or share it and mix it around, create endless possibilities for play.

"The device is for everyone, it doesn't discriminate due to your sexual orientation of partner preference"

Behind the process

2 week project in collaboration with Advanced Product Design class - super hectic and most fun project I've ever had. I've always wanted to touch the topic of sex as I feel is such an important art of everyone's lives and which is not discussed or treated as such.
It all started from an interesting position (no pun intended) as we concentrated on sound instead of the physical form or technology, this enabled us to tackle the issues from various angles which we felt were under-represented in most sex toys out in the market.
Process video of the hectic progress that can be done in two weeks
We started by concentrating on how sounds affect intimacy and sexual encounters - the conclusion was that it's very personal, and that sounds can make or break the experience, remember those times when the bed creaks...
We found a market gap through our interviews and desktop research - there's no unisex couple toys out there, especially that concentrate on the interaction instead of the physical elements.
Playing with Plasticine to start finding shapes that could be unisex, not concentrating on a specific gender or sexual orientation.
Started prototyping several version of the electronics early to test things like haptic feedback and motion sensors.
At the same time we iterated with the sounds that the device would produce - the device tells you the battery level when you turn it on/off, so you know if it needs charging or it's ready to use. The sounds were designed to be smooth, playful and magical.
We created a mould to create a silicone version of the prototype which contained the electronics inside
A 3D-printed version of the prototype was also created for the final video
The idea for the video was to keep it as abstract and inclusive as possible, creating a mix of backgrounds and sexual orientations.