State of Unbalance

Part of Summer Expression 2017, organized by Uminova Innovation. The brief for this summer project was to design a product which could then be produced as a batch of 10 units, using local manufacturers. After visiting several different manufacturers (wood, stone, glass, metal casting) around the Umeå area, Glödheta Glashytta was chosen as the perfect partner in crime for this design.
State of Unbalance tries to bring back the art and emotion when drinking fine liquors. At first the user might think the glass (Unbalance) will topple, then to realise that it balances perfectly by itself, creating a tension that no other glass has. The watermark-like coaster (Balance) helps create the sense of security that the glass will sit still in place and elevates it into a sculpture. 
Working with glass was always a dream of mine, and this was the perfect opportunity to finally create something with it. Handmade and sold at the Glödheta shop.

State of Unbalance has been exhibited at Formex Stockholm 2018, at Arctic Design Exhibition Tokyo, and FuoriSalone, Milan Design Week 2019.