All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Experimentation is a key part in my process and my favourite part of the job, always trying to learn something new and looking for inspiration from an uncharted area is what keeps me motivated. Never scared to tackle something I've never done before. Here are some examples of the kinds of things I like to play with on my spare time.

Deepfinger - machine learning assisted finger

Group project done in Collaboration with Andreas Refsgaard during a week-long machine learning workshop, the project was done in three days. We decided to comment on the fact that everyone is adding Machine Learning capabilities to anything and everything just because of the hype... so we came up with Deepfinger! for all those situations when you don't wanna move to press a button because it's too far out. You can even teach the device your custom poses (using PoseNet) to trigger the finger.
The insides of Deppfinger
Making it move!
Now you won't need to stand up to pause your movie on Netflix

Where2poop - toilet finding app

During a trip throughout South East Asia around 4 years ago, my friend and I were having trouble finding decent toilets, so we had the idea of creating a toilet finder app that would let you see the toilets around you. This year I had the chance to make it happen during a week-long FramerX workshop and this is the result! The app shows you only top toilets in the area if you are not too pressed for time, and if you're really desperate it'll show you the closest ones to you no matter its rating. Cause when you gotta go you gotta go...

Island Jam - 48hrs to make a game

The theme of the game jam was constrained space, they way we chose todo this constraint in our game was through the visible area, the player would have to controller the character and the light at the same time, and if they stayed away from the light too long they would have to restart - I was the main programmer in the game which was quite a challenge as I had just undertaken a 3 day unity course a week beforehand.

Turning recycled electronics into jewellery

During a weekend trip to Stockholm, I visited a jeweller friend of mine and we collaborated to create a couple of concepts using recycled electronics like microchips and small PCBs with biodegradable resins.
The jewellery gives another life outside of the landfill for all these electronics. Upgrading their status from a piece of machinery not many people will ever see - to trash - to an eye-catching piece which is now my favourite, and only, piece of jewellery I own.

Sound design for a concept car - two day workshop

Quick one day exercise during our sound design course were we had to create all the sounds (appearing in the video) for a Mercedes concept car using tools like Massive and mixing it later with Adobe Audition.
 [30 sec video showcasing the range of sounds]

Time is Relative - redesign of the smartwatch...watch

The aim of the project was to create a GUI for a wearable and I chose the watch feature in the smartwatch as the area to redesign.  But not only redesigning was the aim, my bigger objective was to try and show the concept of time in many different ways, to play with the capabilities of the smartwatch and not just continue the classic clock form factors seen everywhere else. Why do we keep showing it the same ways with the possibilities these new screens give us?!
I also wanted to play with the fact that we live in a society that is under the constant dictatorship of the clock to the second. We stress ourselves by the time passing even when we are trying to relax or not think about time. This is why I chose to show time in abstract ways so you can tell the time approximately but not to the exact minute.
Growth Timer
Microbial Timer

Christmas is a time for...making games

Created by Alex Garcia and Sebastian de Cabo
It all started as our own 48hr improvised GameJam during the Christmas holiday. I mean it's the time to be with family, especially for me that I get to visit home a couple of times a year, so theree's no real time to do a big project...unless you try and do something small instead!
The problem is we really fell in love with the quick idea we made in the first 48hrs (including the multiplayer), so we tried and meetup a couple more times to produce this little crazy gem.

Stranger Things inspired Halloween costume

- What are you trying to tell me?
- G-E-T  D-R-U-N... Ohhhhhh

Playing with 3Ds Max to learn organic modelling

Companion by KAWS
Always wanted to have one of these little statues at home or at least to see them live and huge, in some park around the world, one day. Maybe I'll 3D print my own ;)

3D printed attachment for one-handed players

Group project undertaken at Loughborough University during my Product Design Engineering MEng, we designed a cheap, customizable attachment for video-game controller because everyone deserves to play. Tried and tested with the game Dark Souls, so you know it really works. 
Models can be downloaded for free from Grabcad:

Analog stick model - http://grabcad.com/library/one-handed-ps3-controller-analog-stick-1

Extended triggers - http://grabcad.com/library/one-handed-ps3-controller-l1-and-l2-extended-trigger-1

Writing and Directing plays on my spare time.

How much work can one do for one play? Too much. Co-wrote and directed the play "The Third Mariachi" during my spare time while completing my thesis during the MEng (don't even know how I managed that). Also did all the graphical elements: posters, t-shirts, promotional material; and built the set with 4 different swing doors. The passion project I'm proudest of and my first real foray into the worlds of design and storytelling.